GoBus Breakout Module (90-Degree)

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Also available with straight connectors.

This module is designed to help GoBus module developers by breaking out all GoPort pins to a standard 0.1" header and providing a SWIM port at the top for programming and debugging STM8-based modules.

This version features 90-degree pin headers along the bottom and a 90-degree SWIM connector at the top. This angled version is great for plugging directly into a breadboard — the module stands up on its side and takes up very little space. A version with straight connectors is also available.

If you would like to purchase this module in another configuration (e.g., without the breakout headers or without the SWIM connector, etc.), please contact us or specify your request in the "order notes" field during checkout.

This module is designed for use with the Netduino Go from Secret Labs.


  • GoPort Pin Breakout – access all 10 GoPort pins for development and debugging.
  • SWIM Connector – easily connect your ST-LINK/V2 to the SWIM connector at the top to program and debug STM8-based modules.
  • Programming Mode Switch – disconnects the programming lines from the Netduino to prevent interference with other modules connected to the same channel.
  • 3.3V and 5V jumpers – allow you to disconnect the power lines for testing or to power your module externally.
  • GoBus Pin Labels – each pin is labeled for quick reference.


With the programming switch pushed to the left and both power jumpers attached, this module functions as a simple GoPort breakout. In this configuration, every pin on both GoPorts and the breakout header at the bottom are connected together and the programming lines for the SWIM connector at the top are disconnected.

When programming and debugging STM8-based modules, the Netduino Go mainboard should be plugged into the GoPort on the left (labeled "Netduino") and the GoModule should be plugged into the GoPort on the right (labeled "Module"). With the programming switch pushed to the right, the STM8 programming lines (GoPort pins 4 and 5) are disconnected from the Netduino Go mainboard and are instead connected to the SWIM connector at the top of the module. Pins 4 and 5 are shared between the GoPorts on a channel, so disconnecting them allows you to program and debug STM8-based modules while they are connected to a Netduino Go mainboard without interfering with other modules on the same channel.

The "Module" GoPort is directly broken out to the 0.1" pin headers along the bottom, which means the breakout pins are ideal for custom module development. With the programming mode switch pushed to the right, the broken out STM8 programming lines will be connected to the SWIM connector and disconnected from the Netduino Go mainboard.

Optional Accessories

We also offer 5cm and 10cm cables.


  • PCB Dimensions: 27mm x 28.5mm
  • Mounting holes: two holes, 20mm apart

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